About Me

Born in Catania (CT) in 1994. Passionate about computer science and cybersecurity. In 2014 I chose to enroll at the faculty of computer science at the University of Catania. In 2017 I graduated from a Bachelor's degree. At the moment I'm continuing my Master's Degree in Computer Science with Curriculum: "Network and Security Systems". Meanwhile, I am preparing my master thesis at the National Research Council (CNR) in Pisa.
I have good knowledge of languages: Python, C ++, PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Java and HTML.


Università di Catania

Master's degree. Computer science, Network and Security Systems 2018-2019

Sheffield Hallam University

Erasmus+ 2018-2019

University of Graz

European Summer School on Information Science (ESSIS 2018) July 2018

Università di Catania

Bachelor's degree. Computer science 2014 - 2017


Researcher CyberSecurity & Privacy.

National Research Council (CNR) February 2018 - December 2018 - Pisa, Italia

Research and development: "Automotive Security".
Project managers: Dr Gianpiero Costantino , Dr Ilaria Matteucci

Cloud computing technician, cloud security

National Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN) June 2017 - July 2017 - Catania, Italia

Internship: cloud computing (OpenStack), networking and security

Organizational secretariat

Google Developer Group Catania December 2016 - July 2017 - Catania, Italia

Mailing, contacts, and relationship with event service providers.


Towards an Integrated Penetration Testing Environment for the CAN Protocol

Giampaolo Bella and Pietro Biondi
In 37th International Conference on Computer Safety, Reliability, and Security (SAFECOMP 2018)

Lecture Notes in Computer Science, volume 11094 LNCS, pages 344-352.


Thesis: "HTTP Strict Transport Security attacks on modern browsers: a comparative analysis"

Study of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS), a policy designed to counter attacks called SSLStrip.
Supervisor: Prof. Giampaolo Bella

Crazy Tachymeter

Crazy-Tachymeter is an exploit that allows you to flood the CAN-Bus with frames of the ECU mapping file.

Distributed dictionary attack

Java program that implements a vulnerable server with an incremental ban system. Within the project there are clients which communicate through the RabbitMQ middleware.

Visibility on the Etsy platform

Study of applicability of techniques to increase visibility on Etsy.

Capture The Flag - UNICT 2017

Capture The Flag is a computer security competition where teams must attack enemy machines with exploits and defend their own by inserting patches.
Website - Github


This Social Media Management project allow to classificate picture between food and non-food. Github

Linear Regression Tool

Linear regression tool with some statistics parameters.


The Slim Version of Project Zeppelin is a single page edited for GDGCatania. The website contains all information that we need in a small version. Website - Github